Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Continuous Learner


About Me


I’m a husband, dad, programmer and nerd. I am currently working as a functional systems analyst in a technical capacity. I have been learning software development and software engineering in my free time and as a student since 2015. It was in 2015, at 25 years-old, that I found myself stagnant and wanting to learn something new. I wanted to learn something useful, challenging and fun. At the time, I had no undergraduate experience at an accredited college. So I decided to enroll at IUPUI (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis) as a part-time student. I chose to study Computer Science because it seemed to fit all the criteria I was looking for but most of all would be fun. In 2021, I had a friend that recently finished a coding bootcamp at Eleven Fifty Academy. I saw the tremendous progress he made from knowing nothing to making excellent projects in ASP.Net in just six months. Due to this, I decided to take a semester away from school and attend the part time software development bootcamp. My time at Eleven Fifty has been challenging, rewarding and fun. Now, I am dedicated to continuing my path to becoming a full-time software engineer as both a hobby and a profession.